Intimate Narratives

Four interconnected Riso-printed publications addressing the     
fine line between political commentary and personal narrative. *

Published by Hverdag Books
Edition of 50 (each)

*  the final publication, From a park in Nanjing, will  
be launched at the Bergen Art Book Fair, Nov 1- 4.



From an island

Images taken while artist in residence at Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær. In the midst of brilliant, unflinching nature, the human hand is everywhere.

28 pages, 4-color Riso
16 x 23cm, staple bound



Political Personal

Circa 3 hours a day, from the 12th to 18th of May, I devoured the news in search of human moments adrift in the chaos of relentless global tragedy. English / norsk.

60 pages, 1-color Riso on peach paper
16 x 23cm, staple bound



The past is a finite place

Collected texts 2009-2017 featuring an interview never before translated to English, excerpts from various long out-of-print publications, rare exhibition texts, and a very casual recipe for kombucha.

52 pages, 5-color Riso
16 x 23cm, pamphlet bound (sewn)