Noen sopp / Hvorfor skal vi bry oss om det vi ikke kan se?

(Some mushrooms / Why should we care about that which we cannot see?)

Window installation at P1, Tistedal School, Halden. By invitation of Tenthaus Oslo. Sentences on the nature of mushrooms and questions that reach far beyond were applied on the windows of Tenthaus' mobile studio the summer of 2021.

Riso prints, colored tape and kefir made for a simple but powerful expression. The work was made during my residency at P1, which also included a close collaboration with one teacher and the entire 5th grade at the school.


The kefir was applied several times over the summer as the old paintings faded and were washed away. New flushes of mushrooms were painted over the flaking and moldy remnants of the last flush.


Why should we care about that which we cannot see?

How does that which is temporary and that which is invisible affect us?

Can we teach ourselves to see what cannot be seen?

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