pile was both a publication that could be put together by the public and a live publishing workshop that was activated for four weeks as part of the exhibition I call it art at the National Museum in August 2022.

The work is a meditation upon physical prints, the past, the future, and artistic value.

During my stay at the museum, there was always something going on.

In addition to producing pile and overseeing the interactive installation of the work, there was an open day foor the public to come in and print, and four additional artists' books were performatively produced live from my temporary "office" inside the museum. These publications were made by and in collaboration with other artists in the show: Petter Buhagen, Hanan Benammar, Kirsty Kross, and Niels Munk Plum.

If the public wished to obtain pile, they were asked to fill out this card:




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